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They look happier than black people with fried chicken.


No I didn’t say that.

Nvm, I’m going to hell for being racist.

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Kang Ye Bin demonstrating her performance in UFC. And Kyu’s reaction…

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Marriage is the start of the rest of my life. I am young but I do have many different experiences in my life. When I was young, I loved performing so I ran toward my dream of becoming an artist. And as more time passed, I grasped the direction of my life. I think the marriage today will be the start of going toward that direction.

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Before your very eyes, the river flows. It’s an enormous river. It may be dark and deep, the current may be quick, but don’t be frightened. Even if it’s far, there is land on the other side. Believe in yourself more. Inside your heart a river flows, too. The river’s a painful trial. Even if things don’t go well, and you sink at times, try again and again. Don’t give in. There’s a shore on the other side, you’ll make it there someday.

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nana staring at lizzy a little too much during an interview

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Commentator: Hyorin’s a great athlete.
Hyorin, before the 400m relay starts.. (≧◡≦)